Monthly Archives: July 2011

The coolest recovered meat product in town… (Three illustrations in one and a half days Part 3)

Or am I just jumping the shark?.. This lil fella is based on a drawing I did at New Designers earlier in the month with my cohorts from the Swansea Met. illustration crew.



No one else will find this funny… (Three illustration in one and a half days part 2)

Will they? I don’t care (I do). Here is a little comic strip I have been dying to do for a little while. More to come? Maybe, Do you care? Definitely.

HAHA Blockhead!.. (Three illustrations in one and a half days part 1)

(Can you tell? (Don’t answer that)) Here is something I drew for a portfolio submission to somewhere…

Qwertee comp…

This is my submission for the Qwertee logo redesign competition they have on atm. If you head over now you can see the present robot they’ve got, yeah, now you know why they wanted it redone huh?.. Just kidding, but it definitely needed some work. They wanted the new design to be as similar as possible to the present one, but with all the limbs this time.

Arriva, Arriva!

OK, so this was done for uni, about a month ago, but I don’t care. OK? OK.