Monthly Archives: November 2011

SINK Swansea…

So there is a (relatively) new night on in Sin City on Saturdays – SINK (view Facebook here) It combines live art and hippidy hop music to raise money for the Metropolitan’s illustration course, super duper! So when I was asked if I wanted to draw, I initially turned it down… But then I did it. And here is what I done.

The angry robo dude is mine, the awesome swamp chick is Karl’s and the Spiderman… I dunno. If you live in Swansea, check it out, It’s a fab idea.


Denmark Trip…

A few months ago I was invited to a workshop in Denmark with seven other illustrators/ designers to find five people to fill graphic designer openings. They requested some ‘home work’ before the trip, a self portrait and a logo. These were my submissions. They were reasonably rushed as I had just started another job, but didn’t come out too bad. Take a look-see.

Andrew Jackson – Sound Engineer/ Producer Extraordinaire

First of all, I know I have been rather terrible with posts lately, and I apologise, but anyway… Mr Jackson’s website has been updated! A big congratulations and thank you goes to him for linking to my site. What a star.