Get Your Prints Out…

So at Uni I did a basic Print making elective, it was incredibly time consuming at my other projects took a right beating because of it (excuses excuses…). I decided to go with a sci-fi b movie theme with the designs, each image has used a different printing process (copper plate etching, screen printing and lino printing) I’ve done a bit of lino in previous projects, but I’ve never used etching or screen printing before. The final images aren’t great, but I really enjoyed the process, and I bought myself a 40 quid screen printing kit from CASS ART in London, to mess around with over the summer.

If you’ve never done any kind of print making before and you get the opportunity to do it, go for it, if you put in the effort, its a lot of fun (in my humble opinion).

also check this guy, Tom Huck;


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